AR2M offers a dedicated service for publishers, who are keen on extending their current presence in hotels and on events.

Services in Hotels

No matter if you are interested in placing your publications in guest rooms and lobby areas or if you want to increase your sales to hotels, AR2M is your dedicated service partner.
Our customer base includes more than … hotels in Paris and over … in France, serving all different kind of hotels - from low-cost or business to exclusive five-star luxury hotels. You can either choose where you want to place your title or which target group you want to address and will provide you with a customized sales and distribution concept meeting your individual needs.

Services on Events

Additionally, AR2M is your service partner for all kind of events - from classic events, over conferences and annual meetings to premium events. We place your titles based on your intended target group, no matter if it is a specialized audiences or an interested reader.

By the use of these dedicated services, AR2M extends your readership, increases your awareness and optimizes your sales and volume.

Benefits for Publishers at a glance

Increase No.
of Published Copies

Extend your readership and the readers per issue

Hotel Placement

Based on your specific preferences

Event Placement

Be on spot and serve your readers where they are

Approach Your
Target Group

Maximize the range of relevant readers

Get in Contact

We are pleased to provide you further information or assist you with your individual request - just get in touch with us.